Roger Moo’s 19 Day Photo Tour to Ethiopia now open for booking

Roger Moo's 19 Days in Ethiopia Tour (November 2016) now open for bookings.

Ethiopia - now there’s a place to visit! A paradise for photography, with incredibly diverse regions rich in culture and history, many ethnic groups and tribes of truly beautiful and handsome people exalted by their colorful dress and costumes, and a world of wildlife just on your doorstep. For Roger his first trip to Ethiopia some years ago was a true eye-opener, one he now shares with others as he returns each year to record the true magic of a magnificent place and people in this 19 day tour of both northern and southern Ethiopia.

This is the Abyssinian Adventure Tour! The first part takes you to the north of the country, to see live volcanoes, historic heritage sites, ancient cities and even more ancient customs. The second part of the tour takes you into Nilotic tribal lands of the south, where the people are incredibly beautiful, wonderfully dressed and adorned with fabrics of many colors. Here we witness the ceremonial bull jumping wedding ritual, women with lip plates, fishermen who hunt crocodiles in the Omo River, wildlife extraordinary and the rhythm of life.

This fabulous tour, which runs from November 2-20, 2016, is now open for booking enquiries.

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