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Carl Ottersen

  • Carl Ottersen

Carl Ottersen is the author of six books: three on travel, one a photo-essay, the fifth a portrait of children in Jakarta and the sixth on business. For one year he curated an on-line magazine promoting tourism in Italy. His photographs and articles have been published in several travel magazines. Many of his photos are also used in travel websites. He also has an ongoing exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia in partnership with JW Marriott to promote educational support for children through a charity called ISCO..

Currently Carl is writing and curating a series of digital books (eBooks) called “Great Guides”, with detailed information on places to see and things to do in interesting regions of the world. These ebooks are full of photographs, videos and interactive maps; you can see some of them profiled below. He is also the editor and main eBookmaker of No Trees Publishing, a publisher of digital books (eBooks).

Carl is Norwegian-Irish in origin and a real voyaging Viking with discovery in his blood. He was raised and has lived in so many places around the world that in reality he is a true world citizen who feels at home in almost every country in which he happens to land. Carl currently splits his life between Italy and Indonesia.

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Carl's Photo Tours

3 Days in the Italian Riviera

5 Days in the Riviera and Côte d'Azur

5 Days in Liguria and Piemonte

7 Days in Lombok

7 Days in Bali

7 Days in Sumatra's Islands

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