Photographer Profiles

Discover the stories behind our photographers : who they are, where they are and what they do.

Etienne Bossot

Etienne Bossot will take you on an amazing journey through stunning locations in South East Asia, while sharing his passion for photography. Etienne started teaching photography in Hoi An, Vietnam eight years ago, when he fell in love with the country and changed his career and life completely. Since then he has been teaching photography while also working as a commercial and wedding photographer, gaining several awards in the process.

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Laurent Dambies

With an MBA and PhD from his native France, Laurent Dambies worked over ten years doing research and development around the world, before deciding to focus on what he loves doing the most: photography and travel. Now based in Cambodia and living in Siem Reap for over three years, Laurent is extremely knowledgeable of the best shooting locations in the temples of Angkor and the surrounding countryside. Beyond Angkor, Laurent explores and captures beautiful temples in Thailand and Myanmar, the sights of India and the majestic Himalayas.

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Patrick Firouzian

Patrick studied Arts in Paris and earned his MBA in California. After a career in world class technology companies, now Patrick is mostly known for his work in the humanitarian field. He loves immersing himself in diverse cultures, where he uses photography and drone videography to help bring visibility to social cases and innovations which aim at improving living conditions. Patrick’s over-arching goal is to make people successful at what they love to achieve, and he will invest all his energy and talent to make it happen.

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David Metcalf

Originally from New Zealand, David's passion for photography started when, 19 years old, he bought his first Kodak camera. David is an insightful tutor who inspires you to put the manual down, engage with the subject, access your creativity and capture the essence of a photo. He is the author of three cultural photography books and is a spokesperson for the indigenous Dayak people of Kalimantan. David’s tours connect you with travel and culture, opportunities that take you to a higher level of seeing and feeling.

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Roger Moo

Coming from the magnificent country of Malaysia, Roger is very familiar with seeing beauty all around him, in nature, in culture, in peoples and in life itself. Having successfully finished a career most of us follow, he turned to photography to capture the essence of that beauty, which has since led him to find it in other countries around the world. His passion now is to share such opportunities with others, so he specializes in tours to more distant and exotic places.

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Carl Ottersen

Carl is the author of six books, mostly on travel in Indonesia and Italy, which are full of wonderful photographs. His photographs and articles have also been published in several travel magazines and travel related websites. He also has an ongoing exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia in partnership with JW Marriott to promote educational support for children. Carl offers tours in both Italy and Indonesia.

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Khun Phyo

Khun Phyo has been participating in Myanmar Tourism business for more than 10 years as a freelance tourist and photo guide. Together with his energetic friends, Khun founded Broadway Myanmar Travels. They all have the same passion and mission to be a part of promoting the development of tourism in Myanmar Tourism and of related local communities by means of participating in social welfare, educating them in environmental conservations.

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Mark Rayner

Mark hails from Brisbane in Australia, but his photo tours span the world. Fully accredited as a professional photographer in Australia (AIPP), Mark is an established wedding, portrait and commercial photographer, for which he has been awarded several commendations including "2012 Shoot the Architect" competition sponsored by the Australian Institute of Architects. He is also expert in post processing, re-touching and workflow.

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Irsam Soetarto

Irsam is a long established tour photographer and guide in Indonesia, with more than 25 years experience in the field of tourism. He has been an avid and semi-professional photographer since 2010. Irsam has frequently travelled to many regions of Indonesia and overseas as well. Irsam loves to communicate with people and learn new things.

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