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Listing Submitting Details

Submitting Tour Details

As you see, there is a basic format for detailing the photo tours.  These are, in sequence:

• Hero Image with Photo Tour Name and Tour Slogan
• Four boxes with information re : date, price, group size and type of package
• Banner indicating who many places are still available or if fully booked (with link to next date)
• Tour Summary
• Map
• Three boxes with information re : companions, weather, difficulty
• Tour Program details
• Optionally, a Video
• Gallery of photographs from the tour and/or tour location
• Optionally, some additional information about the destination with a second gallery of images
• Accolades by previous customers (very important!)
• Three boxes including information re : what’s included, what they should bring, extra options
• Making an enquiry for booking and making a reservation
• Photographer profile (more than one if the tour is shared)
• Preferred partners used in the tour (please see comments about this below)
• Social links for sharing tour details

You need to send me :-


• Photographer profile, enough to make the individual photographer’s profile page look good, including one or two photos, 1600px on the long side, in jpg format. This is only needed once, of course.

• Tour details which cover all the context requirements listed above.

The degree of tour program details is up to you, but remember it should give customers a good idea of what they will experience. If your website has all these details (it should, of course) then I can simply copy+paste it. I can and will edit the text to correct grammatical errors, tighten up and improve wording and generally make the overall presentation as good as possible; I am an editor of books and a marketing specialist, so I'm good at this. I will also edit out specific references to establishments and suppliers (please see section on this below).


Since the look and feel is standard across tours, I will create and add the map, which will show the general area. If you want the map to show the itinerary, then we will have to talk about that, as that is extra work.

Images and Video

Images need to be 1600px on the long side, ideally jpg format and sufficiently compressed as to keep image quality but be something like 300-600kb in size (otherwise it takes too long to load he page.  If you send me originals thats fine, I will simply re-save them at that size.  No copyright logos on the image please - licensing is already covering by the agreement and the website blocks right-click copy+paste and save in any case. If your website doesn’t do that, then I strongly recommend you implement it immediately.

Video can be sent or linked to whatever you have on YouTube or Vimeo. It has to be tour specific, without advertising, and should not be more than 3-4 minutes long so as not to 'lose' the viewer.

Preferred partners

Yes, I fully agree the suppliers you use could and should be highlighted, especially as for the most part they are places in very special locations so deserve all the publicity and exposure they can get. Since is it publicity, they should firstly be informed of the idea to profile them in GreatPhotoTours and also agree to pay for this service. The fee should be very modest, or alternatively, and much better, they agree to profile GreatPhotoTours in their material and website because this will increase exposure for photo tours overall, thus benefitting all photographers in this community.

Photographer’s merchandise

Almost all of us create something from our material - books, prints, posters, you name it.  GreatPhotoTours can and should be a good complementary platform for presenting and promoting these products.  Please feel free to provide images of a commercial quality, information and links to buy (remember GreatPhotoTours is not a retailer).

Any questions about all of this, please ask!

Carl Ottersen
September 15, 2016

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