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Listing Promotion

Promoting GreatPhotoTours and the Photo Tours

There is a two-barrelled approach to promotions: promote GreatPhotoTours per se, and promote each individual photo tour.

With its three sections on latest posts, upcoming tours and a selected photographer profile, the website's own home page is designed to highlight and promote all of this. The website also serves as a platform for directing interest from social media, and as a link to the photographer's own websites for enquiries and bookings.

Outside the GreatPhotoTours website, we undertake a series of promotional and advertising activities, some with no cost except effort, others for payment. As photographers you too can help promote GreatPhotoTours - which remember if all do it then all gain from it. I'm not asking you to spend hours on doing this - your job is as a photographer, not an ad man - but a few, small, occosional things can go a long way.

At no financial cost

GFT Facebook Page, with regular and frequent posts, to be liked and shared by all
GFT Twitter account, with regular and frequent posts, to be liked and shared by all
GFT LinkedIn profile, with regular and frequent posts, to be liked and shared by all
GFT YouTube account, with GFT videos and likes of photographers’ own tour videos
GFT Flickr account, with favourites of tour fotos from photographers’ own accounts
GFT Pinterest account, with pins of tour fotos from GFT and photographers’ own websites
GFT Instagram account, with likes and shares of tour fotos from photographers’ own accounts
GFT banners on photographer’s own websites
GFT banners on preferred partners own websites
Automatic inclusion in some event focused web listings

What I would like you to do is put a GFT banner on your website and help me get your preferred partners to do the same (after all we advertise them too). Anything else is voluntary, but I know you would appreciate getting a boost from many liking things you do, so how about boosting them too?

With financial cost

Mailings to subscriber database (direct and/or through photographers doing this)
Google AdSense advertising
Facebook advertising
LinkedIn advertising
Banners, articles and reprints in online specialist websites and publications bought directly
Advertisements, articles and reprints in specialist print magazines on photography and tourism

Search Engine Optimisation

Keywords for all pages, posts and images, including : page/post/image name, photographer name, tour destination/location (place, region, country), tour timeframe (month, year), photography type (landscape, people etc), tour highlights (desert, temple, town etc).

Anyone who has ideas on how we can increase exposure for the tours using GreatPhotoTours as a platform, please let me know. Remember we have the Facebook private group for freely sharing ideas and experiences. We can trial anything that sounds good to the community as a whole.

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