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11 Days in Java (The Ring of Fire Tour) open for bookings

Irsam Soetarto's 11 Days in Java Tour (October 2016) now open for bookings.

Indonesia is part of continuous active “Ring of Fire”, the long string of active volcanoes that circles the Pacific Ocean. Many of Indonesia's 150+ volcanoes are located in Java. In many ways volcanoes are a fount of civilization. Long ago people learned to live with the rhythm of volcanic activity, adjusting their way of life and incorporating their fiery hearts into their culture and beliefs. The volcanoes of Java are a spectacular backdrop to an incredible, signature tour from Indonesia!

This fabulous tour, which runs in October 2016, is now open for booking enquiries. In other to bet fit in with traveller's plans, the tour start date will not be formally set until a couple enquiries are made and bookings confirmed.

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