David Metcalf’s and Mark Rayner’s tour in Alaska starts today

David Metcalf's and Mark Rayner's 15 Days in Alaska starts today.

Ten people join David and Mark for an end of summer treat in south eastern Alaska, an extraordinary place and one of the last great wilderness frontiers of the world. There are few, if any, places with the unspoiled wilderness, mountainous grandeur and immense wildlife that is showcased here. Just to make you all jealous, participants will photograph majestic whales as they cruise by boat around spectacular Glacier Bay. They will focus their zoom lenses on bald eagles majestically soaring above glacier-carved mountains. They will go bear spotting on Admiralty Island, take the train to Canada, and sail down to Seattle. The relative remoteness, and the peace and tranquility it embodies, is an experience they will all treasure for a lifetime. Fifteen days of wonder and delights.

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