Dambies Firouzian 12 Days Rajasthan

  • 12 Days in Rajasthan

    The Indian Traditions Tour

November 1-12 2016

The start date is fixed as the events we will attend are already set and confirmed.

US$ 2400 (double)

Supplement of US$400 for single room. Companion price is US$ 1900. Pricing based on four participants. Discounts if we book five or six participants. To view the terms of booking and to reserve a place, please scroll down to the form at the end of this page.

Group Size

The target group size is from 4 to 6 participants, so that the experience and training is personal. We need a minimum of 4 participants to confirm the tour is a "go".

Full Package

Best available lodgings, with full amenities for relaxing at the end of the day.  All our meals will be in local restaurants, offering us amazing food from northern India, which is incredibly delicious!

This Photo Tour has only one place left available!

Photo tour led by Laurent Dambies and Patrick Firouzian

A cultural and exploratory journey to capture the scenes and immerse in one of the most picturesque regions in India, this guided photography tour evokes the exuberance of life. Rajasthan is a region incredibly rich in history, culture, tradition, and arts developed for centuries, being home to one the earliest civilizations. With myriad of spectacular landscapes to feast one’s eye on, Rajasthan definitely stands out as a photographer’s paradise.

We embark on this expedition to bring you a unique, memorable experience. We travel by trains and buses along with the locals, to places where we meet horse traders, gypsies, musicians, poets. We will get to know and understand who are the “Untouchables” and the “Bopas”, the desert people, the camel herders and more. We will sleep in the magnificent Thar Desert, witnessing breathtaking sunsets, skylines, and sunrises.


Of course you can bring your companion with you! With our local partners we have created a number of interesting and rewarding activities for them to fully enjoy the time too.


This is the end of the monsoon season so it can still rain from time to time. In the plains it is hot as always, but it is also quite cold at night, so bring a mix of clothes.


Energetic but not mountain climbing. You do have to be in reasonable health, capable of one hour hikes up and around hills, along dusty trails and streets. Do bring good walking shoes.

Tour Program

Developing your photo skills is an absolute must on Laurent's and Patrick's tours. For every tour they select relevant topic areas to workshop through and also design specific practice exercises for people while on tour. Most of the tour is aimed at developing composition and storytelling skills. Each day our itinerary is focused on how to best approach and photograph subjects such as architecture, landscapes, portraits, street photography, trains, camels and horses, while all the time working on approach, storytelling, composition, editing, correction. All tours include at least two photo critiquing sessions as well as workshops. This not only gives each person invaluable insight into their work but also enhances the group bonding experience. So you are guaranteed to go home a better photographer than before – plus you will have had an amazing travel experience!

Special delight: we will bring a drone along with us, a stabilized Osmo gimbal with a great 4k camera, a goPro, and Canon/Sony/Leica lenses you’ll be able to play with. So, anyone interested in aerial photography?

Day 1 • Delhi

Regrouping, getting to know each other, last minute logistics

Day 2 • Delhi to Bikaner, first class on the night train

Day 3 • Bikaner

Street photography, markets, red fort, sunset.

Day 4 • Jaisalmer

The Fort and Jain temples

Day 5 • Thar Desert

Travel to the Thar Desert, to sleep there and meet the gypsies.

Day 6 • Travel from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur

Day 7 • Jodhpur and Pushkar

Meet the horse and camel traders

Day 8 • Pushkar

Camel fair: finding the story, and letting the story find you

Day 9 • Jaipur

Furthering story and composition

Day 10 • Agra and the Taj Mahal

Monument photography, composing to get a picture which stands out

Day 11 • Agra to Delhi

Street photography

Day 12 • Back to Delhi

Debrief, book discussion, farewell

Photos from Laurent's and Patrick's tour in Rajasthan


We provide flights between tour destinations, transfers, tour transport, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, light refreshments and soft drinks, museum passes and other related tickets. For indoor photography we have reflectors and light boxes. All fees quoted are inclusive of taxes.

Don't forget!

Other than your digital camera (any type will do) you should bring some lenses, a sturdy tripod and ideally a shutter release cable. There is a fair amount of walking, some in rough patches, so wear sensible shoes and casual clothes with lots of pockets. The sun can be strong; light headgear might be good for some.


If you do not have or do not want to bring a PC with you, we can arrange for you to use one locally. If you do not have imaging software on your computer, we can provide you with a free copy that has basic functionality. If you don’t bring a tripod we have some spares. If you are using a Canon DSLR then we also have some extra lenses.

Reserve your place on this tour

Once we receive your request we will call and email you to confirm details.


Bookings are made directly with the photographer. For more details please contact Laurent Dambies by email to laurent.dambies@angkorphotographytours.com or Patrick Firouzian by email to contact@rajasthanphotographytours.com.


  • Fees are exclusive of your own travel to and from Delhi.
  • Fees do not cover international travel and medical insurance.


  • 50% to be paid on confirmed booking.
  • Balance of 50% paid at least 45 days before the tour start date.
  • By credit card or bank wire transfer.


  • 100% refund if made 30+ days before the tour start date.
  • 50% refund if made 15+ days before the tour start date.
  • 25% refund if made 7+ days before the tour start date.

Registration Form

Just to be clear, filling in and sending this form does not commit you to anything or any payment until the booking is confirmed, which will be done with the photographer directly after you both have spoken and agreed everything.

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Laurent Dambies

With an MBA and PhD from his native France, Laurent Dambies worked over ten years doing research and development around the world, before deciding to focus on what he loves doing the most: photography and travel. Now based in Cambodia and living in Siem Reap for over three years, Laurent is extremely knowledgeable of the best shooting locations in the temples of Angkor and the surrounding countryside. Beyond Angkor, Laurent explores and captures beautiful temples in Thailand and Myanmar, the sights of India and the majestic Himalayas.

Read more about Laurent and his photo tours

Patrick Firouzian

Patrick studied Arts in Paris and earned his MBA in California. After a career in world class technology companies, now Patrick is mostly known for his work in the humanitarian field. He loves immersing himself in diverse cultures, where he uses photography and drone videography to help bring visibility to social cases and innovations which aim at improving living conditions. Patrick’s over-arching goal is to make people successful at what they love to achieve, and he will invest all his energy and talent to make it happen.

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