Patrick Firouzian

  • Patrick Firouzian

Patrick’s over-arching goal is to make people successful at what they love to achieve, and he will invest all his energy and talent to make it happen.

He studied Arts in Paris and earned his MBA in California, which led him to a successful 30 year career in top technology companies and 9 years active participation in development organizations, with many assignments working along seasoned photographers. There he learned to navigate and survive with field experience in remote areas, war-zones like Afghanistan and post-earthquake areas like Sichuan and Nepal.

Now Patrick is mostly known for his work in the humanitarian field. He loves immersing himself in diverse cultures for humanitarian projects and reportage, where he uses photography and drone videography to help bring visibility to social cases and innovations which aim at improving living conditions.

He is down-to-earth and measures success by assessing what is done, not what is said, and remains human and fair in all situations. Patrick is a demanding coach who will ensure you progress and don’t procrastinate. His experience negotiating, navigating, problem-solving is essential to the success of any good photo tour.

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