Irsam Soetarto

  • Irsam Soetarto

Irsam is a long established tour photographer and guide in Indonesia, with more than 25 years experience in the field of tourism. He has been an avid and semi-professional photographer since 2010. Irsam has frequently travelled to many regions of Indonesia and overseas as well. Irsam loves to communicate with people and learn new things.

Since 2012, having submitted his work to various international photo competitions and winning severla prizes, Irsam decided to combine both tourism and photography, which in Indonesia often means adventure photography. His great knowledge in respect of nature, culture and human interest means Irsam's tours are truly wonderful, perceptive and beautiful. This has been recognized by the Indoneian Government with its permission for Irsam to use the "Wonderful Indonesia" logo, celebrating the country's wonderful destinations. This accolade gives Irsam new spirit to celebrate his country's magic and beauty with participants in his tours.

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11 Days in Java

12 Days in Sumatra and Papua

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