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Etienne Bossot will take you on an amazing journey through stunning locations in South East Asia, while sharing his passion for photography. Etienne started teaching photography in Hoi An, Vietnam eight years ago, when he fell in love with the country and changed his career and life completely. Since then he has been teaching photography while also working as a commercial and wedding photographer, gaining several awards in the process.

Etienne creates unique photographic travel experience for people, bringing them to places they would normally not go to, or even know about. It is all about the pleasure of taking great photos and sharing, and having a great fun time doing it! He achieves this by partnering with local tour guides, carefully selected and skilled photographers themselves. They are the ones who make the tours run smoothly, allowing Etienne to focus completely on teaching photography.

If you are in Vietnam and visit Hoi An, then you must check out Etienne’s photo gallery and maybe buy one of his excellent books too.

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