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12 day photo tour of Sumatra and Papua starts today

Irsam Soetarto's 12 day tour of Sumatra and Papua starts today.

Irsam's wonderful photo tour to see the running of the bulls in Sumatra, and then the traditional meeting of the tribes in the central highlands of Papua begins today!

Two fabulous cultural events in one trip! The first is the famous bull running in western Sumatra called the Pacu Jawi, which is set in some of Indonesia’ most beautiful countryside. The second is the incredible traditional annual festival in the Baliem Valley in the highland of central Papua, where three tribes come together for celebrations and a ritual battle. Twelve days of wonder and delights. A signature tour.

It will be a fabulous experience. One day I will join him on this trip too, I hope :-) Have fun everyone!

Irsam will run this tour again next year, if anyone is interested. 

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