June 2017

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    June 2017

14 Days in Namibia

led by Mark Rayner

June 4-19 2017
AU$ 4,250 double, with AU$ 300 supplement for single

Even by African standards Namibia is a vast country, but with a population of a mere 2 million it feels almost empty. It is also an ageless land, with its heritage of rock art created by stone-age artists and geological attractions such as the petrified forest where fossilised tree trunks have lain here for over 280 million years, the the continents shifted and the dinosaurs came and went.

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14 Days in Ladakh (Indian Himalayas)

led by Laurent Dambies and Patrick Firouzian

June 29 - July 12 2017
US$ 2000 double, with US$ 100 supplement for single

Imagine the exhilaration of being high in the sky, in a place rich in history and religion with that distinct feel of spirituality in the surroundings. The Silk Road once passed through here; much much of that era can still be seen in the markets as well as in the faces of its people. Since few travelers come as far as Ladakh, this marvelous place has kept its authenticity throughout the centuries. Images are crisp like the thin air of the region, both day and night.

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7 Days in Sumatra's Islands

led by Carl Ottersen, in partnership with Andi Afrianto

US$ 4,250 per participant, with discount for companion
Start date to be confirmed.

Off the coast of Sumatra are a string of fabulous islands: the larger string of the Mentawai islands, and some smaller jewels closer in to Sumatra. Other than their outstanding beauty, these islands and nearby Padang are great places to explore the culture, art, crafts and lives of two distinctive and ancient traditions: the Mentawai and the Minangkabau.

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