David Metcalf 11 Days Nagaland Assam

  • 11 Days in Nagaland and Assam

    The Forgotten Frontier Tour

December 7-18, 2016

The start date is fixed as the activities and events we will participate in are already set and confirmed.

US$ 3850 (single)

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Group Size

The target group size is from 6 to 10 participants, so that the experience and training is personal. We need a minimum of 4 participants to confirm the tour is a "go".

Full Package

Excellent 3-4 star lodgings, with full amenities for relaxing at the end of the day. Dining in high quality local places with varied menus to suit all palates.

This Photo Tour has only three places left available!

Photo tour led by David Metcalf

Many people have never heard of Nagaland or Assam and the fiercely independent traditional tribes that live in this North East corner of India. But for those with a sense of adventure who want to explore these remote frontier lands and photograph places off the beaten path that very few foreigners have experienced, then this exciting adventure is for you.

Nagaland and Assam were off limits to foreigners until four years ago but have now opened up to reveal ancient kingdoms and 19 different tribes hidden away in traditional villages near the Burmese border.

I visited this area in November 2014 and have decided to lead a tour this December for keen photographers with a sense of adventure who want to experience something different, improve your photography skills (especially portrait photography), and connect with a very proud and beautiful people among the backdrops of stunning mountain scenery.


Of course you can bring your companion with you! With our local partners we have created a number of interesting and rewarding activities for them to fully enjoy the time too.


This is the end of summer season so the days will be relatively mild and the nights increasingly cold, even close to freezing, so bring a mix of clothes.


Energetic but not hiking or mountain climbing. You do have to be in reasonable health, capable of one hour hikes up hills. Do bring good walking shoes and comfortable clothes.

Tour Program

The tour starts in Kolkata , India on December 7th when the group will gather and spend the first night. We then fly to Dibrugarh in Assam the next morning and return to Kolkata on December 16th.

The following are some of the highlights of our 11-day journey:

Indigenous hill tribes • We will concentrate our photography in three villages high up in the Mountains near the Burma border, and meet with elders who were once headhunters in their younger days. Most of our photography will be in these people’s homes and you will get to experience a way of life that has existed for centuries.

Charming historical village life • Interesting architecture and communal village life will be our subjects as we explore these frontier towns among the dazzling hills and valleys of Nagaland.

Hornbill Festival • Now held annually in the first week of December this festival is a wonderful photogenic opportunity as eighteen Naga tribes converge for a week of dance, culture, music, sport in a spectacular display of color and Joy.

Landscapes • Golden green vistas over rice fields, tea plantations, and rugged Mountainous beauty there is plenty in store for landscape photographers. Most mornings we will be up for sunrise over the blue misty hills.

Majuli Island • India’s largest river island is a place of immense beauty with beautiful sunsets over the water. We will photograph the fisherman at sunrise as they venture out for their daily catch.

Ancient Satras • Located on Majuli Island we will visit Uttar Kamalabari and photograph the many monks as they go about their daily activities.

Photos from David's tour in Nagaland and Assam


We provide flights between tour  destinations, transfers, tour transport, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, light refreshments and soft drinks, museum passes and other related tickets. For indoor photography we have reflectors and light boxes. All fees quoted are inclusive of taxes.

Don't forget!

Other than your digital camera (any type will do) you should bring some lenses, a sturdy tripod and ideally a shutter release cable. There is a fair amount of walking, some in rough patches, so wear sensible shoes and casual clothes with lots of pockets. The sun can be strong; light headgear might be good for some.


If you do not have or do not want to bring a PC with you, we can arrange for you to use one locally. If you do not have imaging software on your computer, we can provide you with a free copy that has basic functionality. If you don’t bring a tripod we have some spares. If you are using a Nikon DSLR then we also have some extra lenses.

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Bookings are made directly with the photographer. For more details please contact David Metcalf by email to davidmetcalf3@mac.com


  • Fees are exclusive of your own travel to and from Kolkata.
  • Fees do not cover international travel and medical insurance.


  • 50% to be paid on confirmed booking.
  • Balance of 50% paid at least 45 days before the tour start date.
  • By credit card or bank wire transfer.


  • 100% refund if made 30+ days before the tour start date.
  • 50% refund if made 15+ days before the tour start date.
  • 25% refund if made 7+ days before the tour start date.

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David Metcalf

Originally from New Zealand, David's passion for photography started when, 19 years old, he bought his first Kodak camera. David is an insightful tutor who inspires you to put the manual down, engage with the subject, access your creativity and capture the essence of a photo. He is the author of three cultural photography books and is a spokesperson for the indigenous Dayak people of Kalimantan. David’s tours connect you with travel and culture, opportunities that take you to a higher level of seeing and feeling.

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